Landing page is just a single web page. If you advertise, you should direct all of the leads you attract from your advertisement to a landing page. Each landing page should have a specific goal. It could be to generate sales, identify new leads or sign up potential customers. Your Landing page is your sales pitch. It needs to be developed before you start spending money on advertising.

If you are paying good money for your online advertisements, and if your landing page does not effectively convert traffic into customers, YOU’RE WASTING MONEY! If someone clicks on your advertisement and then leaves your webpage without taking action, you’ve failed! Your landing page must provide your visitor with everything he or she needs to take action!

What are the qualities of a good landing page?

  • Provide what is promised in the advertisement
  • Use an attention grabbing headline
  • Include your main value proposition
  • Write a brief, engaging introduction to explain your product or service
  • Clearly explain the key benefits
  • Clearly explain additional features. Mention any add-ons that might prompt sales
  • Carefully select imagery to support the main message
  • Include social validation
  • Include strong calls to action
  • Use images and/or video that relate to the copy

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